Benefits to Payors


AllyScripts team is experienced in payor policies and procedures, prior authiroization guidelines and utilization-management programs. Our team serves as the primary point-of-contact for physician questions regarding medication reimbursement for patients.


AllyScripts benefits payors and patients by:

Providing in-depth analytics and reporting-

  • Client Spend by therapy

  • Client Spend by drug

  • AWP Increases that impacted trend spend

  • Adherence Reports (MPR%)

  • Co-Pay Savings Report

  • Customized Drug Therapy Specific Reports

  • Customized Analysis of Top Spend Products

Unsurpassed Patient care including:

  • Delivery (home, office, MD or local pharmacy)

  • Medication Therapy Management, Self Admin Training, Adherence Management

  • PA Management, PAP Program Support

  • Purchase from manufacturer, specialty distributors, HUB, wholesalers

  • Enhanced reporting and data management, strong IT capabilities, meets REMS requirements, clinical reporting